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 March 21, 2013

        I made it through another Winter. I don’t know how to describe how I feel. I could say I feel relieved, but I love her gray skies. And there aren't gray skies anymore. I could say I’m sad, but I can’t be sad when I know that Winter isn't gone forever, she will be back. I guess I don’t really feel any emotion at all; I feel alive. Yes, alive. 
I made it through. Nostalgia didn't strangle me, silence didn't deafen me. The Winter is cold, but she is loving. Oh how she loves me. She holds on tight, her December fingers carving holes into my skin and I struggle to escape. Every year it is the same fight as Spring draws near. The Winter is a jealous lover. She is lonely, so very lonely. She begs for me to stay forever, to be immortal in a land where snow matches sky. It would be so easy to stay, so easy to stay...
But today is the Equinox. And told I am alive. Today I made it through. The Winter is put to rest for another year. I will catch sight of her in April’s icy storms, and August’s pouring rains, but it is not her. It is a trick of the light, a glimpse in a puddle. She is alive, though, behind my eyelids every time I close my eyes. I know she will be back. In another year she will arrive, and pull me in with soft fingers and cold breath. She will plead for me to stay, just like she does each year. Perhaps this time I will stay. Winter is the only place that feels like home.
To my Winter lover, to my November guest: this is not goodbye. 
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